MAJESTIC BODY LAMPS was established in 2017 and it' s an Art Lighting Studio, based in Athens, Greece, offering you stunning Art Body Lamps for your interior design client, your home or your business environment.

Our artwork epitomizes our love for balance between practicality and beauty as the body lamps become active participants in its surrounding space. Our aim is to create handmade unique designs, combining individuality and creativity.

Incorporating mannequin lamps into your interior design can help you revolutionize the lighting, as the body lamp combines functionality with a statement piece of art in a high-end interior.

You can shop our wide selection of floor and table art lamps and find the lighting solution that is perfect for your space.


Either you are interior designer, retailer or individual, feel free to contact us, so as to find together the best art item for your interior.

Have you thought of a different design? Reach out to us.